Directory Management

An organizational unit, or container, used to organize information data and files into a hierarchical structure. These Directories contain information figuratively speaking, beneath them in the hierarchy. You can think of a directory as a system enabling understanding to the requirement of needs that when searched in step wise manner that contains information files. Many graphical images, text data help the user interfaces to identify the information using a directory.

A well defined user directory enables understanding of the information in a pattern structured as a catalogue for Health Care, Accommodations, Preventive Health and Retail as the core focus of the Business enabling E- Commerce integration.

Here in advait we follow directory enlisting of the catalogue of company, products and services enable a clear cut search of the Need of the customer. The search is limited to the listing of the products as listed in the system today.
  1. Company Listing : The company registration is unique.
    1. Category Listing : the company is listed under the category of the catalogue of ATRAC.
  2. Product Listing: Every product listed gets a unique identification
    1. Product Listing : The product is listed under the Product category of the catalogue.
  3. Service Listing
    1. Service Listing : The listing of the services under the Service category of the catalogue. The service listing is unique.
  4. Specialty Listing
    1. Traditional Listing : All products suitable for usage on each traditions can be mapped to the tradition listing
    2. Fashion Listing :All products suitable for usage on each Fashions can be mapped to the Fashion listing
    3. Occasion Listing : All products suitable for usage on each Occasions can be mapped to the Occasion listing
    4. Accommodation Listing : All hotels could list their facility in the site against accommodation listing
    5. The treatment listing : All hospital is mapped to the catalog search with clinical heath and health care two types of search.
    6. The diagnostic listing : The diagnostic laboratories list the tests conducted by each laboratory to the diagnostic search.
    7. The ayurvedic listing : Treatments done by ayurvedic centers are listed under the self introspection search process.
    8. The Diet Listing : The Diet listing enables the companies to list the food products to the diet listing.
The Listing of the directory enables search of the company, product or services in using the different cataloguing services of ATRAC. Random search is enabled using the search engine called "Akash" which has advanced features to search for items in the database of the ATRAC.

Navigate through the directory search of ATRAC in the home page to understand on what we offer. Seeing is Believing..