Approach and Methodology

Business Analysis forms the first step towards automation of the Business Process in the Organisation. Business Understanding begins with the following questions which help ADVAIT to deliver positive benefits and increased efficiencies which can be implemented using the Business Solution.

What it is?
What it does?
What are the problems?
What are the successes?
What are the strategies?
What are the opportunities?
What are the expectations and aspirations?
Understanding a Business Organisation is done using a Business Analysis Document. Interview with key personnel within the organization, typically department managers through simple questions help the business understanding. This document assists in the development of the scope and direction. This document does not provide reactive questions. The additional probing is done using specific interview with important members of the user organization help immensely in supplementing the Business Analysis Document in the understanding of the final requirements or benefits that are desired from the computerized system and is an activity on the project plan. However, this initial analysis provides a very powerful document and focus that will affect the strategy and success of the project implementation as a Business Solution.

The Business Analysis Document is designed to show the shape of user's business and provide us with focus areas in developing the implementation strategy. Focus on priorities and Concern areas, provides the total implementation team the optimized effort requirement and focused on the areas where the maximum business benefits can be delivered.

The intension of this analysis process is to direct itself towards identifying opportunity areas and not merely delivering computerization of existing practices. It is to envisage a goal to benefit; a program to investigate these benefits is a success in itself as long as the momentum is vigorously maintained.

The importance of the role of I.T. professionals during a new implementation cannot be over stated. I.T. professionals have major role and responsibility in the overall success of the project. An opportunity to initiate positive changes and developments that cover an entire organization is rare. If the opportunity is ignored then the organization is bereft of the full benefits of computerization. It is the responsibility of the I.T. professionals and all the key users to record, measure, analyze, interpret and anticipate the needs of the business today and in the future.

Project Planning
On contract signing, ADVAIT will appoint a Project Manager who would be responsible for rolling out ADVAIT Business Solution at your organization . The Project Manager would be a senior consultant experienced in management of large software implementation projects.

ADVAIT would expect your organization to appoint a Project Coordinator from their side. Under the joint leadership of these two persons a Project Team would be set up.

A typical Project Team structure is given below:
The number of persons required in each role above will be determined based on the project plan. The roles of the various members of the project team are briefly explained below:

ADVAIT Project Manager
The ADVAIT Business Solution Project Manager is overall responsible for delivery of the ADVAIT Business Solution on time and within budget. Based on the initial Business Analysis study the Project Manager would prepare a Project Plan. The plan would be prepared in close discussion with the your organisation Project Coordinator and would take into consideration organizational priorities, availability of resources that can be assigned to the your organisation core project Team and any other constraints. He will also assess, schedule and organize training programs for members of the core project team to fulfil the requirements of the project.

The ADVAIT Project Manager will be responsible for scheduling ADVAIT consultants and monitoring progress of the project as per plan. He will measure the progress against the plan and update your organisation Management and the ADVAIT Business Solution Account Manager for your organisation . The ADVAIT Project Manager will assess customization requirements. He will document these requirements and be responsible for its delivery and implementation. The ADVAIT Project Manager will co-ordinate with hardware and networking suppliers and provide you with the desired hardware and networking configuration to run the software application

ADVAIT Business Consultant
The ADVAIT Business Consultant is a Product Specialist for Finance, Distribution and manufacturing modules. He will be responsible for configuring the product for finance, distribution and Manufacturing functions. He will also be responsible for conducting training for your organisation core Project Team on Finance, Distribution and HR modules of the software application.

ADVAIT Technical Specialist
The ADVAIT technical Specialist is responsible for installation of application software, setting up printers and clients, both local & remote, setting up dial-up connections and other technical aspects of the installation.

Customer Project Co-ordinator
Your organisation Project Co-ordinator is a senior member of the company that has the authority to sign off various stages of the project. The Project Co-ordinator would assist the ADVAIT' Project Manager in all stages of the project including Business Analysis, Project Planning and Project Execution. The Project Co-ordinator will sign off the Business Analysis Document, findings of the ADVAIT Project Manager mentioned therein, project plans, Functional Specifications Document for customization requirements, etc. Based on the agreed project plan, the Project Co-ordinator shall set up a Core Project Team that will work on the implementation project.

Your Organisation Core Project Team
Members of this team are assigned on a full time basis to the project. This team will comprise of functional and I.T. experts that will have joint responsibility, along with the ADVAIT Project Team, of implementing application software in their organization. All members of this team shall undergo detailed training on the application software before they take on active role in the implementation. The members of this team from functional areas will work with the ADVAIT Business Consultant in configuring the product, defining configuration schemes, reporting formats, etc. The members of this team from I.T. department will work with the ADVAIT Technical Specialist on tasks like report writing, forms editing, setting up user specific menus, building API's, etc. Your organisation will be responsible for providing data as requested by ADVAIT Business Consultants. Requirement specifications & functionality also should be defined during the process review stage.

Process Owners
Process Owners are heads of department of each functional area of the company or their appointed nominees. These people are the ones that have contributed to the Project Manager's understanding of their business during the Business Analysis stage. The ADVAIT implementation team will present to the Process Owners the way in which their application has been mapped on Microsoft ADVAIT Business Solution. The Process Owners will be responsible for review of this and its subsequent acceptance.

End Users
These are users of the application. These persons will be given training on the use of ADVAIT Business Solution for their respective functions in the organization.

ADVAIT Account Manager
ADVAIT assigns an Account Manager for every client it deals with. The Account Manager is responsible for ensuring that your organisation continues to derive benefits from their association with application software. He is responsible for overall customer satisfaction not merely during implementation but even from post implementation support services. The Account Manager continuously keeps the customer updated on new policies, products and practices introduced within ADVAIT Business Solution. The Account Manager plays an important role in influencing software's policies by providing us feedback on the impact of such policies on his accounts. The Account Manager is also the route for escalation of issues by the customer.

Implementation Plan
ADVAIT Project Manager in consultation with Project coordinator of your organisation develops the plan for implementation and that the plan is also based on the organizational priorities and availability of resources, we are giving below what is at best a tentative plan, which will require re-confirmation after detailed discussions and completion of Business Analysis. We have enclosed the project plan for ADVAIT Business Solution and MRMS which will explain more details about the tasks involved and which is flexible and can be modified, subject to further discussions with your team.

Process of Implementation
The process of implementation of ADVAIT Business Solution modules has been broadly classified as follows: