Loyalty Programs
Loyalty from Business concerns has been in the process of offering rewards to their customer to ensure loyalty and hence expecting adoption of customer loyalty. Some gifts are also provided by organizations that get donations and funds from a person or organization to delight the customer and also recognizing the persons thought and action. These gifts are provided by Non profit organizations and also commercial organizations. Some organizations provide gift vouchers that can be redeemed for a specific product at specific centers authorized by the provider of the Gift Voucher. Some organizations provide provisions to accumulate reward points on the transaction on subsequent transactions at transaction centers to mention in common Credit Cards provided by the banks.

Limitations of Conventional Loyalty:
The scope is limited to a particular business or a small group of business.
Loyalty point's rewards can be redeemed only at few selected outlets participating in the program that is not global.
The Loyalty process is focused on the process where the customer can redeem the loyalty points only at the specific outlets where the reward is provided.
The loyalty rewards are redeemed against select products or services.
The loyalty reward is proportional to the transactions made by the single person and do not appreciate in value.
The loyalty reward redeemed has a time limit and beyond which the points become invalid.
The loyalty does not provide provision for any assured business returns from the rewards offered.
The loyalty offered is not global and limited by regulatory costs that transcends from political systems and administrations.

Akash Loyalty Program: Offer
ADVAIT's Loyalty is not a "level" of loyalty at all and to interpret it as such would be to relativise it, whereas it is beyond all relativity and relationships; the essential reality behind all the other realities. It is eternal, infinite, ever-perfect, ever-blissful, and totally unitary.
ADVAIT's Loyalty is distinction which is beyond even the creative process, and the absolute loyalty which is the first principle and origin of everything else.
ADVAIT's Loyalty program starts at the customer when a transaction takes place at its infrastructure locations or at its Business partner location.